6 February 2013

Body Composition Test Results

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On Monday I got my body composition tested using a DEXA Scan. I had done a similar test last year when I weighed 142lbs. I discovered a couple of things from that test. The first was that I had a body fat of 16.5%. Not bad. It put me at the 99th percentile for men my age, and 92nd percentile for 30 year old men.

But I also discovered that I had low bone density. Long story short, and after lots of testing from my GP, it turns out, I was probably just born that way. But he did suggest I keep eating lots of leafy greens and “run more”! Alright! That’s awesome! Now my wife can’t complain if I want to run more… it’s doctors orders!

My goal at that time was to get down to 135lbs for 2012 race season. I accomplished that goal by late spring. I bought two body comp scans, and had planned to use the second in the summer, but that was derailed by my two broken arms, and all that. After completing my Whole30, and getting back down to under 135lbs, I decided it was time to check in again.

The good news is, I’ve actually gained bone mass! And now, according to these tests I’m actually closer to normal bone density. Running more did pay off!

I also lost 1.1% body fat, and am now down to 15.4% overall body fat.

Body Composition Test Results

Body Composition Test Results

I did lose some lean mass in the process as well, but by all measurable performance results (bike power and speed, running speed, and swimming speed) I am improving my performance.

Now, this year, my goal is to get down to at least (at most?) 128lbs (58kg). I’d like to accomplish this goal by just dropping fat, and possibly adding some muscle mass to end up around 10% body fat. Even better if I add more bone density in the process.

I’m going to need to keep sticking with my Whole30 nutrition approach, and probably keep tracking my calories. But since I’ve gotten down to 131.8 recently, I know this is totally within striking distance.


  • Date: 02/06/2013
  • Weight: 134
  • Mood: Normal
  • Sleep Pattern: Normal
  • Body Fat: 15
  • Nutrition: Really Great!
  • Hydration: Normal
  • Breakfast: I ate breakfast.

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