8 January 2013

2013 Goals & Training Plan

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A Races/Goals:

  • Complete Mt. Si 50 mile in sub 7 hours - 4/28/2013
    • 8:24/mile = 7 hours
    • Shoot for 8:00/mile pace ~ 6:40 total
  • Complete STP (204 miles) with top group - 7/13/2013
    • 22mph rolling speed
    • 30 mins off bike
  • Redman 2013 - Sub 11:30 - 9/21/2013
    • 1:15 swim spit
    • 0:05 T1
    • 5:30 bike split (20.3mph)
    • 0:05 T2
    • 4:25 run split (10:06/mile) - 4:00 stretch! Sub 11!!
    • 11:20
  • Quadzilla  in sub 13:45 - 11/28/2013 to 12/1/2013
    • Complete 4 Marathons in 4 Days
    • Under 3:15 hours for road marathons, under 4:00 for trail
    • Negative Split
    • Run 3 BQ times (road marathons!)
  • Qualify for Boston - sub-3:15 Marathon
    • Any road marathon of the year.
  • 10,000 Reps
    • 30x per day
    • Pushups, Crunches, Squats, Lunges, Dips, Bicep Curls, One-Arm Rows
  • 6,000 Miles Cycling
  • 2,000 Miles Running
  • 100,000 Meters Swimming

Limiters to Success

  • Race Day Nutrition: In the last 5 years, I have had nutrition failures that prevented me from achieving my race goals.
  • Race Day Weight: In the last 5 years, I have arrived on race day with a typical weight of 150lbs, 15lbs over my most recent “best weight”. This weight has always been fat, not muscle, and was largely caused by poor nutrition throughout the year, and over indulgence closest to race day. In 2012, I got down to and maintained a race day weight of about 136. This was good, but I can do better.
  • Low Run Milage: In the last 5 years, I have arrive on race day with very low run mileage, and very few “long distance” workouts under my belt. Often those long workouts were early in the season, and did not provide a solid foundation for actual race day performance. My run performance has suffered despite improving swim and bike times.
  • Too Hard on Bike: I’ve gone too hard on the bike and blown up. Increase my power output to allow me to easily maintain a pace above my race goal pace!
  • Trail Running Weakness: The Wishbone run is hard because I don’t have enough trail experience. I need more trail running experience.

Solutions & Training Adjustments

  • Develop a race day nutrition plan that is proven, and will get me through the entire race. Test Generation UCAN as recommended for at least 3 long races before Ironman race day!
  • Follow a year long nutrition plan that will allow me to enter race day with a weight of 58kg.
  • Follow a strict nutrition plan for the last month before the race.
  • Follow and use a true periodic training schedule that ramps me up to race day.
  • Participate in at least 4 century rides, and use them as targeted training opportunities for both long distance training and race day nutritional strategies.
  • Follow a true running schedule. Arrive at Redman with at least 900 run miles in the bank!
  • Run faster: 7:26/mile is my marathon race pace! Focus on that!
  • Increase my Z2 Cycling power output to 225 watts!!!!
  • More trail running!

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