23 November 2012

Seattle Quadzilla 2012 - First Half Mini Race Reports

Posted by Brad Hefta-Gaub under: Fitness.

Race 1 - Wattle Waddle - Thanksgiving Day

My goal was to run sub 4 hours, thereby improving my time from last year by 8 minutes.

Wow! I came in 2nd place overall and set a new Marathon distance PR of 3:25:07. Besting my previous PR by almost 3 minutes. I felt great. It was an easy steady run. I even felt live I could have gone faster if I didn’t have to save a little for 3 more marathons and an Ironman next weekend. More details to come… but WOW!

Race 2 - Wishbone Run -Friday Nov. 23

My goal was to run sub 4.5 hours, improving my time from last year by 14 minutes.

Wow Again! I ran the race in 4:19:16, and I came in 3rd place overall!!! I beat my goal by over 10 minutes, and I improved my time from last year by over 25 minutes! This race was brutal. It was so wet, there were massive puddles that we 60 feet long and knee-deep. There was no way around them, you had to go through them. And this is some serious technical trail. It was rocky, muddy, slippery, winding trails, up and down hills. WOW!

Tomorrow I race the Seattle Ghost Marathon, and Sunday I race the Seattle Marathon. More to come.

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Mitch Roberts Says:

24 November 2012 at 7:53 am.

nice race times Brad!


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