19 May 2009

Lock Your Whole Bike

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Karl’s been doing a great job lately of posting detailed articles on how to properly lock your bike. I’ve generally felt secure that in Seattle, I rarely if ever hear about stolen bikes. But on my run to the shoe store yesterday I was reminded of how easy it is for someone to become a victim of bike theft, even when they think they locked their bike.

Here’s a classic example:

This person thought they had locked their bike with a sturdy “D-Lock” but really, they only locked their frame. Sure the frame is usually the most expensive part of a bike, but this person is now left with an $500 or more bill just to get this bike back into a rideable condition.

What could they have done differently? Well, if they had used their d-lock to lock the frame and the back wheel to the post, then they might still have ended up being a victim, and lost a front wheel and a seat, but it would have been less likely.

If they’d wanted to be more secure, and they only have access to this lock, then they could have locked the frame and back wheel together, and removed the front wheel and included it in the D-lock loop. They could have removed their seat and taken it with them.

Or they could add a cable to their lock collection and used the cable to secure the front wheel to the D-lock.

I’m sorry this person was victimized, but I’m glad I happened upon this bike so that I can be reminded of the importance of locking my entire bike every time!

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Karl On Sea Says:

19 May 2009 at 12:40 pm.

I was in New York a few years back and spent what seemed like hours in a bookshop looking through a book of photos of bikes deteriorating over time - at the start of the book were bikes with just a missing front wheel . . . and by the time you got to the back, all that was left was the frame, stripped of everything including cables.

I wonder how long it took for the bike in your picture to end up like this?


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