20 December 2008

Snow Run on my Screw Shoes

Posted by Brad Hefta-Gaub under: Run.

It’s really snowy and icy out there… for Seattle. And as I mentioned in my last post, Seattle isn’t well prepared for snow, so when we get it, it usually means very icy roads and sidewalks. As my sister said, no one here owns snow shovels. (We don’t!) This means that now one shovels the sidewalk in front of their house (how could they) and that just means more ice.

Anyway, I really wanted to get a run in, so I made some screw shoes. What are screw shoes? Well, they’re running shoes with extra traction… extra traction from screws!

My screw shoes are not the best… I didn’t have the perfect screws. But they worked ok. Here’s some before and after shots of my screw shoes.


  • Type: Run
  • Date: 12/19/2008
  • Time: 16:30:00
  • Total Time: 00:55:56.00
  • Average Heart rate: 140
  • Max Heart rate: 156
  • Calories: 729
  • Distance: 6.23 miles
  • Average Pace: 8:58.92/mile
  • Max Pace: 8:44.78/mile

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Doug Greisen Says:

20 December 2008 at 6:45 am.

Cool, I was thinking of doing the same thing. You did it different than I was thinking, though. It seems to me that one should screw them from the inside out. First take out the insole, then put screws in with tips poking through, then put insole back.

momgaub Says:

20 December 2008 at 8:18 am.

They look like studded snow tires. You know they are just regular tires with “studs” (little screws or nails) inserted at random intervals. hehe studded snow tires for you feet ;)

Karl On Sea Says:

20 December 2008 at 9:47 am.

Top tip - DON’T try this with bike tyres. (Hissssss!)

shebaduhkitty Says:

20 December 2008 at 9:52 am.

I still don’t get it, what about the sharp points near your feet?

Brad Hefta-Gaub Says:

20 December 2008 at 10:05 am.

@doug - That sounds like a very interesting idea! Those would be like golf cleats almost.
@mom- yes, it worked well, much like studded tires
@sheba - These were 1/2″ screws, they were no where near my feet… plenty of sole in these shoes.
@karl - interestingly according to my buddy dion he and his mountain biking buddies DID do this all the time to their mountain bike tires.

Doug Greisen Says:

20 December 2008 at 10:20 am.

@brad and karl: Yes, it does work with bike tires. The secret to avoiding the hisssss is lining the space between the screws and tube with a mr tuffy. Also, screw from the inside out.

@brad: I was thinking also putting them only on the fore foot, which would make them like track running cleats.

Doug Greisen Says:

20 December 2008 at 6:40 pm.

I won’t believe it. I put screws into the same model of shoes. Well, at least the soles look exactly the same as yours!

Andy Says:

21 December 2008 at 2:21 am.

Haha. Well done Brad. Don’t think that would’ve worked in a pair Nike Airs.

efranlje Says:

23 December 2008 at 7:35 am.

Brad - this same idea was in the latest issue of Runner’s World. I tried it myself this past weekend and it worked great!

wink Says:

17 January 2009 at 6:46 pm.

Congrats! I have used screws in my shoes before and they work great! You do need the right kind of screw though, and the correct length. To anybody reading this and wants to try it out for themselves. I would recommend researching it a bit, or go to runnergizmos.blogspot.com this gal put together a pack with everything you need for screw shoes! Thought it was pretty cool, especially if you want to make sure you do it right. And it would be a cool thing to throw in your gear bag just in case!

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