9 May 2008

Riding a Bakfiets (Cargo Bike)

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Today I did another ride with my sister. But it was a really busy day, so my schedule was particularly tight, and with my wife neck deep in preparation for the annual school fund raiser I had to play Mr. Mom, while making time for two business meetings, and helping my sister out with a training ride.

The biggest challenge was picking up the kids from school, and finding a way to do a training ride with my sister and two kids. Plan a: call Recycled Cycles and see if they have a two kid trail-a-bike. Nope, someone bought it. Plan b: call Montlake Bike Shop and see if they have a Medium/Small tandum, that I could hook a trail a bike up to…. Nope, someone bought it. Plan C: Google “Seattle Bike Rental”… Hmmm, this shop is near our house… Dutch Bike Co., sounds interesting, what bikes do they have available.

WOW! Check this out….

Bakfiets - Dutch made Cargo Bike - Sweeeeet ride!

Oh my god… I have to ride that thing! That will be perfect. The girls probably won’t want to ride with us… but this bike is sooooo crazy they’ll love it just because it’s different.

Ok. So, jump on my fixie funny bike to meet Lisa and a potential client for a sales pitch. Meeting goes great. Cool. Jump on the bike and head home. Lisa calls me from the road while I’m still pedaling home. Bad cyclist takes call while riding… who needs hand brakes when you can just stop pedaling. ;)

Get home, quickly write note to sister so she knows to meet at the bike shop, so we can start and finish our ride from there…. Jump in the car, drive to school to get kids, tell them the plan… grumble grumble… “Oh, wait till you see this bike” I promise, it is soooo coool.

Driving to the bike shop, worried we won’t get there in enough time to enjoy a ride before they close, worried that sis won’t get the note… ok, cool, we find the place. Jump out, show the girls the bike. Looks like fun! Get a quick lesson on how to handle the bike, Strap the girls in the front (yeah, there are two seatbelts and a little bench seat in the front of that thing). Sis arrives, jaw drops, no time for that, let’s hit the road!

Ride down the Burke Gilman trail… everyone is checking us out. Oh yeah… we have the coolest bike on the road! Oh yeah.

Stop by Speedy Reedy to ask if the parts are in for Sister’s bike… They can’t believe this bike… I tell them… yes, this bike could actually justify owning a 6th bike… I mean, c’mon… look at it! It’s soooo purdy! They agree.

Turn around, head back to the Dutch Bike Co. I ask the girls if we should do STP (double century from Seattle to Portland) in this bike. Oldest daughter thinks it’s a grand idea, says she could read her book the whole way. Youngest daughter realized 15 hours in this bike would not be nearly as fun as 30 minutes.

Ok… I didn’t wear my HRM, but I’m sure this was another sub-Zone 1 workout… but… still… it was lots of fun!


  • Type: Cycle
  • Date: 05/09/2008
  • Time: 22:22:26
  • Total Time: 00:55:00.00
  • Distance: 11 miles
  • Average Speed: 12 mph

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Andy Says:

10 May 2008 at 2:37 am.

Bwhaha!! That bike is insane! Crazy Dutch. Looks like fun though.

Bill Anders Says:

10 May 2008 at 6:39 am.

Looks like a great way to tool around town. :D

Do The Right Thing » Today Must be Danish Bike Day? » Sweat365 » Fitness Community Says:

10 May 2008 at 8:03 am.

[...] And then when I got home, I caught up with Brad’s news that he’d hired a cargo bike to take his girls out. Even by the standards of European bike culture, (not that we have much of that here), his ride was pretty extreme - not so much a cargo bike as a bike-bus. Just thankfully not on the scale of the pedal pub. It’s almost as if the world’s going Danish . . . [...]

Sheba's Training Blog · Family Ride with the Nieces » Sweat365 » Fitness Community Says:

10 May 2008 at 4:35 pm.

[...] Mellow family ride with my brother in the funniest bike to be seen around these parts in a while! I thought the only way we could have had more smiles, raised eyebrows and happy hellos is if my dad joined us on his recumbant bike. It is always a joy to see the girls, they are so bubbly and full of life! They were our radio the whole way and it was a beautiful spring day. I have some pictures of them in the bike that I will upload soon… [...]

bigdave_nv Says:

10 May 2008 at 8:16 pm.

that thing is money - thanks for sharing

marathonerwannabe Says:

14 May 2008 at 3:31 pm.

That is a cool bike!

Never mentioned it before, but I used to live in Lynnwood. My mom and I would go every weekend to Pike’s Street market and get those massive cinnamon rolls and then go to Turkish Delight and get the little squishy candies. YUM!


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